くろまく~ | 九本クク
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Twitter / green_tea_boy: ほしじろー



i followed you when i was following en masse so i could actually get content but i now only follow you to submit you weird images for your sidebar

You keep my nights alive anon and I love you for that

i've followed u for so long i don't remember why or how i followed you, you're just a blog i've always followed at this point.

I’m that one blog that no one even remembers how they followed or why they keep following but they are still here

I found you from the Kancolle tag and you seem like the legit Pixiv - Tumblr Ambassador so I decided to follow you

I hold too much power

I heard about you due to the morse code anon hate, but then actually found your blog later and it was pretty good so I followed and then it became mutual and here we are today.

>Found thanks to that shitty post
>Actually liked my blog

That’s a great story right there